NuGetDefense v3.x Update

NuGetDefense 3.0.0-pre0004 has been released

3.x is coming together. What does the 4th prerelease of NuGetDefense 3.0.0 bring?

3.0.0-pre0004 Changes

  • Added a ScanOptions object for NuGetDefense.Lib to make it less likely that new options can be added and defaulted without breaking consumers.
  • Added two subcommands to NuGetDefense
    • Update | Triggers an update of the Embedded NVD Source
    • Recreate-NVD | Recreates the NVD Source in case updating is not an option (for edge case updates requiring a full rebuild)

What's Next?

Next to be worked will be a long awaited caching solution. I'm looking at a per machine sqlite database that is stored in an overrideable location on each machine. For organizations, there will be a premium offering of a cloud based cache and a server that can be run on the local network to handle caching. Now is the time to speak out if you have any suggestions or concerns about caching.

Additionally, the query for the GitHub Advisory Database is ready and a new remote source will be added to facilitate it's usage.

Once 3.0.0 is ready, I'm going to overhaul the doc site. While I'm a huge fan of server side blazor, the client side version is generally slow to startup. I'm looking at simplifying it a lot and expanding the documentation to better cover the old features as well as the new ones coming in.

I greatly appreciate everyone who helps to give feedback on the prereleases.

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